[Playstation Portable] Moto GP

Moto GP
Full nameMoto GP
File size230.0MB
Genre Racing , Simulation
Region USA USA
Console Playstation Portable (Download Emulator)

MotoGP is the premier class of motorcycle road racing events held on road circuits sanctioned by the Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme.


The game is modeled on actual GP courses, teams, and riders, so you’ll be up against varying existing Honda teams, Suzuki riders, an Aprilia team, etc. That’s a story of sorts, a reenactment of a point in time of motorcycle racing.


Moto GP provides tight analog steering for the dozens of motorcycles available. And each bike has varying statistics that can be felt during gameplay. As a motorcycle enthusiast, we can attest to the physics engine providing decent realism regarding turn-in rates, throttle and brake balance on curves, etc. It’s not a full sim, such as when braking in a corner, you can practically still have the bike layed down. In real life, of course, braking, in turn, requires a significant proportional return to the upright.

Regardless, the action is generally realistic, with an option to have the physics ”arcadey”. The difference is most comfortable to see in mid-corner, where you can accelerate at will completely lying down. Do that on the ”sim” setting, and you’re off the bike involuntarily…

There are Time Trials, individual Arcade competitive races. And three full-on Championships that expand in length and overall difficulty as you progress. Additionally, dozens of little challenges are related to each of the main modes that may reveal a bit of artwork in the Challenge gallery. Or even new riders such as Klonoa and his ugly-but-great-handling scooter. A lot of fun overall, though. You will have to enjoy the unique physics of motorcycle racing versus car racing to enjoy it fully.


Biking has never sounded so good. The whine of the engine when you change down gears and the growl as it accelerates is smart. The helicopter view even has helicopter sound effects. The music is dumb n bass / jungly / techno and makes for good driving music. A friend of mine asked if you could rip off the audio tracks for him as MP3s, so that goes to show the quality of it.

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