[Playstation Portable] Need For Speed Carbon – Own The City

Need For Speed Carbon – Own The City
Full nameNeed For Speed Carbon - Own The City
File size333.7MB
Genre Racing , Simulation
Region USA USA
Console Playstation Portable (Download Emulator)

Need for Speed: Carbon is a 2006 racing video game, and the tenth installment in the Need for Speed series.


So you bailed 5 years ago, and now you come back to find out that things have changed. Your Ex-Girlfriend hates you. Actually, everyone hates you except your crew, who wants to help. So you claim Downtown, Fortuna, and Kempton, then you find out Darius betrays you, and you take him down. Now that’s out of the way. The cut scenes are better now you(your character) doesn’t have to be there to have a cut scene like MW.


The game has a brilliant storyline from start to finish. As you progress through the game, you will notice that purchasing new parts for your car or even new cars will be no problem. Most parts for your car are under $15,000, and the prize bag for most races is at least $20,000. The difficulty of gameplay changes drastically and very quickly, as the difficulty jumps from near not existing to almost impossible. The first three bosses Kenji, Angie, and Wolf, will be no problem for gamers experienced in NFS driving. Gamers not experienced with NFS driving may have a bit of a challenge keeping up with Angie and her muscle cars, as they smoke tuners and exotics on every straight part of a track. However, after defeating the first three bosses and sending them packing, you will encounter the fourth boss(his name slips my mind at this moment, but he the one you talk to in the beginning trailers). The races become very near impossible to beat, even with the added comfort of unlimited nitrous. 

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