[Playstation Portable] Need For Speed – Underground Rivals

Need For Speed – Underground Rivals
Full nameNeed For Speed - Underground Rivals
File size198.0MB
Genre Racing , Simulation
Region USA USA
Console Playstation Portable (Download Emulator)

Need for Speed Underground Rivals, right now, is the only street racing game that you have played for a while.


The gameplay of Need For Speed: Underground Rivals is incredible. There are many different gameplay styles to choose from, including drift, drag, circuit, and more. You can even choose if your car has a manual or automatic transmission, each with its own two control schemes. This option lets you decide how you want to drive, which is fun when you want to go manual because you’re tired of automatic or vice versa.

You can, of course, accelerate, turn, brake, and drift. You will need to use all of your abilities to get to the finish. The game starts relatively slow. The fastest you can go is about 120MPH on a straight run (and it feels more like 90MPH). Plus, turning you can only go about 90MPH, plus turning is very hard because you will slide into a bare wall. However, you can “tune-up” your car. You can upgrade just about every part of your vehicle. After you upgrade, the game becomes a whole lot funnier. The average speed becomes over 120, even on turns. This means if you have the patience to upgrade your car, the payoff will be more than worth it. Another great thing about the game is that you can customize your car’s look. However, you want. From the tailpipes to the hood of your car, almost every part of your car can be customized. They also threw in some bonuses, so racing will not be the only thing you will be doing. You can “drag,” which is a contest of pure speed on a straight path. The “Nitrous Runs” allow you to race at SUPER high speeds down twists and turns (average rates of 160). Need for Speed: Underground Rivals is entertaining if you have plenty of patience, mainly because it can become annoying.


It’s always fun just to redo races and drift courses for the fun of it to see how much you have improved, and also, this game gives you the option to re race every single race in the game two more times,s giving you extra money and performance upgrades. This sets the game on a different difficulty level if you re race it one or two more times.

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