[Playstation Portable] One Piece – Romance Dawn – Bouken No Yoake

One Piece – Romance Dawn – Bouken No Yoake
Full nameOne Piece - Romance Dawn - Bouken No Yoake
File size660.1MB
Genre Role Playing
Region Japan Japan
Console Playstation Portable (Download Emulator)

One Piece: Romance Dawn is a role-playing video game based on the One Piece manga and anime series


The game’s story is a large number of cut-outs, and you can completely ignore a large number of still images of the character in the text. These images are also from the anime from the series.

The story is through many skippable “cutscenes” with stills of characters. And text bubbles and a few complete animated scenes are taken from the anime. Static scenes tend to belong. So, those familiar with the series may tend to skip them and move on to action. The One Piece story to be an engaging, emotional, and epic ride with an incredible range that translates well into an RPG format, but its old method of transmission Romance Dawn leaves something to be expected. More anime cutscenes might have been asking for too much, but the slightly more animated and animated elements should help a lot for the dull presentation.


Players can move around the map to find large islands. You can role-play and go to new lands. Specifically, the common archipelago will be divided into two different modes of exploration and combat. With a crew member selected as your avatar (and up to three in the group simultaneously), you experience a 3D environment equivalent to a series of mazes, each with a starting point and ends. Despite the variety of environmental models, there are several maze layouts, making this a success soon. One piece of advice for you is to keep in mind the right path. Scattered in the maze are treasure chests with items and groups of enemies that pursue the player’s correct understanding.

On contact with the enemy, the battle begins. Romance Dawn’s battles are different, but stand out from those of other similar combat systems as the characters are free to move around the battlefield in real-time before deciding on the action. It was that turn. This creates some interesting motivations as repositioning oneself can allow an AOE attack to strike multiple enemies in succession. Enemies also move physically around, so some suitable strategies can work when a weaker character can bring enemies together into one. Team up so that the more muscular people can destroy them all at once. Characters can guard, flee, use items, or attack. Each character has basic attacks that do not require a TP.

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