[Playstation Portable] Pro Evolution Soccer 2014

Pro Evolution Soccer 2014
Full namePro Evolution Soccer 2014
File size846.8MB
Genre Simulation , Sports
Region Europe Europe
Console Playstation Portable (Download Emulator)

Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 is a famous game in the Pro Evolution Soccer game series. Konami published the game. If you like soccer games, Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 is the best choice. With beautiful images and vivid sound, the game will bring players the top visual football match.

Like the previous version, the game retains its gameplay and game modes. There are three modes such as practice, multiplayer, and tournament. In the game, the screen will display the list of teams from around the world. Players choose their favorite team to start training in the first mode. Here, they practice many skills, pass and shoot the ball. Having mastered these actions, they will take his team to an organized tournament. The teams are divided into different tables. To go forward, players have to overcome opponents in a group.

Before starting the match, they will adjust the squad according to offensive or defensive tendencies. The match takes place in a large stadium with a referee. With their control, they can control quickly and lead the ball into the opponent’s goal. Each match takes place with 2 rounds within 90 minutes. The team wins if they score more balls on the opponent’s goal. The team receives two points if they win, one point if tie and no points whether lost. During a match, the umpire will give a penalty if a player violates some rules. In addition, each team can change the player and the tactics in a short time. Players receive enthusiastic cheers from viewers when scoring goals.

At the end of the match, they continue to put to compete with the other teams in the group. The matches take place simultaneously to determine the team which will go to the next round. The difficulty level is increasing when the player progresses into the final rounds. Players will participate in the final together with an excellent team to decide the champion. They receive medals and make their team be famous by winning in the game.

Besides the tournament mode, players will show their skills in matches with teammates through the multiplayer mode. They will join together in many matches to find the winner.

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