[Playstation Portable] Sonic Rivals

Sonic Rivals
Full nameSonic Rivals
File size108.3MB
Genre Racing
Region USA USA
Console Playstation Portable (Download Emulator)

Sonic Rivals is a racing video game, part of the Sonic the Hedgehog series that was released in late 2006. It is the first Sonic game developed by Backbone Entertainment, for the PlayStation Portable.


The story in this game isn’t exactly that well thought out. Especially, considering that you will run into the same scenes with one character you play as just as you did with another character you played previously. The story is still decent enough to get you to finish the Story Mode and reflects upon the Card Collection mode, though.


The racing, in general, is also one of this game’s flaws ironically. This is because you do not get to enjoy the stages the way you should, as a side-scrolling Sonic game. Racing should have been part of some other mode in the game. Heck, even the AI in this game isn’t excellent. When your “rival” is ahead of you, he will become stupid and slow until you pass him; when you are far ahead of your rival, he will warp right behind you. You can also jostle (hit) your rival and use power-ups against him during races. This can actually be pretty fun and plays a significant role in the Challenge mode. It also makes races more enjoyable. Racing has some serious getting used to, but once you become good at it, the rivals will become non-existent, and the game WILL become much more fun.

Another aspect of this game’s gameplay would be the large 3D bosses you get to fight at certain parts of the game. The bosses in this game are generally very easy; the main point in most of these boss battles is to beat the boss before the opponent does (not hard at all considering the opponent’s lack of decent AI).

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