[Playstation Portable] WWE SmackDown Vs. RAW 2011

WWE SmackDown Vs. RAW 2011
Full nameWWE SmackDown Vs. RAW 2011
File size1.1GB
Genre Sports
Region Europe Europe
Console Playstation Portable (Download Emulator)

WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2011 offers many game modes, and it allows many players to participate. This game has two main modes as WWE Universe, Road to WrestleMania. In WWE Universe, players will participate in competitions like a professional athlete and through many different stages. The quest system is organized into a certain list, and it gives specific titles to compete. In addition to the challenges, this section offers 100 short videos for players to enjoy before and after each game.

Road to WrestleMania mode is designed to enjoy battles that involve famous wrestlers like Chris Jericho, Rey Mysterio, Christian, and John Cena. Like the WWE Universe, this game also sets out certain goals to complete. Each allows players to use a different character to perform the task. In addition to the familiar characters, players also discover other athletes, including R-Truth, Kofi Kingston, Dolph Ziggler, and John Morrison. Besides the games in WrestleMania events, this section also brings some Royal Rumble matches.

About the gameplay, like the real-life WWE matches, this game will bring many matches to enjoy. You can play individually or a team. Each match will have different enemies and goals. Therefore, the players have many clever controls to defeat the enemy. The matches that allow using of support equipment (chairs, ladders, tables …) in many ways to defeat opponents (not restricted in usage as the previous edition).

In addition, after each use, they can be destroyed (deformed) in different ways, depending on the action that the player affects them. In particular, this version also allows players to use a new fighting skill when using support equipment to throw chairs at enemies (the old version only allows to use of chairs to smash into the body of competitors). The new feature in WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2011 is the challenge of Hell in a Cell. In the Hell in a Cell match, players will enjoy more intense battle challenges, support tools hidden underneath the ring, and players can pull them out to use. In addition, ​​the cage has been expanded, and there are some new ways to escape the cage.

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