[Playstation] Alien Resurrection

Alien Resurrection
Full nameAlien Resurrection [SLUS-00633]
File size137.5MB
Region USA USA
Console Playstation (Download Emulator)

Based on a film of the same name, Alien Resurrection is a first-person shooter game on Playstation. It received positive reviews. Besides using the fascinating content, the visual system is also careful and beautiful. The game has many events similar to the movie. The game main character is a clone of Ellen Louise Ripley. She was being held aboard a spaceship, USM Auriga. In addition, this ship had designed to confine and study Xenomorphs. However, an incident happened, and the alien monsters began to take control of the USM Auriga. They killed the crew members and using them as hosts for parasites). From there, Ripley had to team up with a mercenaries group on USM Auriga to escape the ship and destroy.

Alien Resurrection’s main mission is to participate in shooting and survival challenges. You will face many different types of alien monsters and constantly move to stay alive. Alien monsters have fast movement speed, and they can quickly surround you. In addition to fighting Xenomorphs, players also face another nasty creature, Facehugger. After being attacked by this creature, players will get a new task is to search for special equipment to eliminate monster fetuses of Facehugger. In case the fetus is not removed in the body. It will transform into a Chestburster and kill the player.

In Alien Resurrection, players can fight in 10 levels and use four different characters. The first nine levels will take place on the USM Auriga. The last level will take place the Betty (mercenary group spaceship). With four usable characters, Ripley is a character that can be used on many different levels. They are Christie, Call, and DiStephano to use at certain levels. Besides, each character has a separate weapon system to fight alien monsters. Weapons include flamethrowers, grenade launchers, machine guns, etc. In addition to using weapons to kill monsters, the game also provides a motion sensor device to observe and predict the monsters’ attack direction (this device is displayed in the left corner of the screen).

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