[Playstation] Alien Trilogy

Alien Trilogy
Full nameAlien Trilogy [SLUS-00007]
File size259.4MB
Genre Action
Region USA USA
Console Playstation (Download Emulator)

From the success of the first three parts in the Alien series (in 1979, 1986, and 1992 respectively), Acclaim Entertainment developed an engaging shooting game that is based on the unique events. This game is Alien Trilogy. It was available on the PlayStation in 1996. The main character is Ellen Ripley who will receive many different missions to complete. Despite being based on the Alien series, this game is still designed with unique details and is not related to the series to bring many interesting challenges.

Alien Trilogy is shooting challenges from the first perspective. Therefore, you can fight in many different contexts and unique shapes of alien monsters (Dog Aliens, Chestbursters, Facehuggers, Xenomorph …). Besides shooting challenges, the game also offers a survival mission when you face many monsters in tight spaces (the ideal place for monsters to hide and attack players suddenly). The fight scene is quite diverse in many different areas.

Basically, the challenge system has 30 levels and brings three matches with the boss (facing Queen Alien). Before participating in each level, the screen will display some instructions and give tasks that you have to complete. To go forward, the player has to complete the required task and survive the alien creatures’ attacks. Because it is developed in three different parts, the game will bring a diverse weapon system and change according to each level to explore. Each of them will provide a separate weapon system to use (hunting guns, machine guns, flamethrowers, grenades …).

Besides, players can also use armor to limit the damage from enemies. During the experience, players will have a vitality bar in the right corner of the screen, and it’s under is a digital clock (showing the durability of the armor being used). After each monster attack, the armor’s durability will decrease. When it drops to zero, the armor will be removed. The player will be damaged by enemies. In addition, the game also provides an outstanding device which is a motion sensor to recognize the monster’s direction. It will display in the right corner of the screen for players to easily observe.

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