[Playstation] Allied General

Allied General
Full nameAllied General
File size280.4MB
Region USA USA
Console Playstation (Download Emulator)

Allied General is the next version of Panzer General. This game still possesses attractive strategic challenges with World War 2’s context. Instead of controlling the Axis army as the previous version, players will use Allied army in various campaigns to defeat the enemy. Halestorm and Strategic Simulations developed the game. It was available in three different regions North America (September 30, 1996), Japan (June 13, 1997), and the others (July 1, 1997).

Basically, the game has three different campaigns to conquer. The first allows you to control the Soviet army with two missions, the Winter War (the border war between Finland and the Soviet Union at the beginning of World War 2) and the defense of Moscow city. In which, protecting Moscow will bring two different events. Complete them, players will participate in a new mission, build counter-attack campaigns, and push the German troops out of Soviet territory. In case Moscow loses, the Germans will take control of the Soviet Union, and you will not play in the counterattack.

The next allows you to control the UK army, and it offers two missions. The first task is to fight the Italian and German forces on the North African, it takes place at Sidi Barrani. Next, the player will take British troops to participate in the battle in Tunis which takes place in Mareth Line. Completing in North Africa, players will take troops in Europe to liberate Paris. You can control one of the most powerful military forces of World War 2, the US Army in the final campaign. It will be similar to the United Kingdom, you will start with a combat mission in North Africa (called Operation Torch) and take in Europe to rescue allies and France troops.

In Allied General, players will go to a grid map with many different combat units (artillery, tanks …). Each battle will take place in a turn-based format, and you have to defeat all the enemies to win. This format requires the player to observe the map carefully before moving to many different locations and attacking enemies.

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