[Playstation] Alundra 2 – A New Legend Begins

Alundra 2 – A New Legend Begins
Full nameAlundra 2 - A New Legend Begins [SLUS-01017]
File size239.2MB
Genre Action
Region USA USA
Console Playstation (Download Emulator)

After Alundra’s success, Matrix Software continues developing the second version of the addictive role-playing game. This next version is Alundra 2. The game owns a new plot system (not related to the events of the first part). In addition, the plot is more receptive than the old version. This game was first available on the PlayStation in 1999 (in Japan). A year later, a new game was released in other regions, Australasia, North America, and Europe.

The game’s plot will take place around Flint (the game’s protagonist), a pirate hunter (due to the pirate being involved in the death of his parents) who was being wanted (due to being charged with treason). During a mission to break into a pirate’s boat, Flint overheard their story, which was related to Baron Diaz and Mephisto (famous witches of the entire Alundra Kingdom with the ability to control the humans and animals’ mind). The wiretapping was discovered, and Flint had a small battle with the pirates. Next, he fell into the sea and met Princess Alexia, who was having problems with Baron Diaz. They developed a plan to defeat Baron Diaz and Mephisto.

Alundra 2 will bring unique challenges and immersive challenges. The game has a 3D imaging system and allows players to explore many different areas. The required missions will take players to perform, and their difficulty will increase gradually in each stage. You can fight with enemies that are on the way, talk to the NPC to collect information, or solve puzzles to continue. Flint’s basic weapon is a shield to defend and a sword to attack enemies.

In particular, players can upgrade the two basic items on each stage (after completing a number of mandatory requirements of the game). Besides, players can also learn new combat skills to use some different magical powers (through equipping magic items). To unlock new skills, Flint has to collect Puzzle Pieces, by participating in many combat missions or conquering dungeons. Next, you will use Puzzle Pieces to exchange with Lord Jeehan.

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