[Playstation] Alundra

Full nameAlundra [SLUS-00553]
File size222.5MB
Genre Adventure
Region USA USA
Console Playstation (Download Emulator)

Alundra’s name is The Adventures of Alundra, it is an adventure and role-playing game of Matrix Software on PlayStation in 1997. The main character is Alundra who can enter the people’s dreams. However, the main character doesn’t know about it. In recent times, he has always dreamed of a strange dream. The person who appears in the dream is Releaser with help. This man asks Alundra to rescue Inoa’s villagers from the possession of the evil Melzas.

After experiencing the dream on numerous occasions, Alundra began searching for the village, Inoa. While traveling by sea, his ship was in an accident. All members on board were killed (except for the main character). Next, a man, Jess, found Alundra and took him to his village. Here, Alundra knew that he could discover other people’s dreams, and the village that saved me was Iona. After that, Alundra used his special ability to help the villagers. They said they always had nightmares and some died. However, the number of people from dreams was increasing (since Alundra appeared), and they blamed him. Facing everyone’s criticism, Alundra unexpectedly met someone who had the same ability to him. Her name was Meia. They investigated the wicked dreams that were going on in Iona. Finally, they were informed that the person behind the deadly dreams was Melzas. Since then, Meia helped Alundra in the quest to gather holy relics to reach the Melzas’s castle and destroyed him.

In Alundra, players will complete the required tasks (finding required items, exploring dungeons, or new areas) to fight the devil. In addition to combat missions, this game also offers many complex puzzle challenges to conquer. Puzzle challenges have many various stages, and the player has to complete them to go forward. Like many other role-playing games, you will have to collect and equip many items with good features for the character. The change and upgrade equipment will be continuing to serve in many tasks.

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