[Playstation] Andretti Racing

Andretti Racing
Full nameAndretti Racing
File size344.4MB
Genre Racing
Region USA USA
Console Playstation (Download Emulator)

To bring many exciting driving challenges, EA Sport has created a unique game that allows players to enjoy two fascinating driving challenges as Stock Series and Indy Series. This game is Andretti Racing and offers 16 different types of race tracks to enjoy. Like real-life driving challenges, players will participate in multiple opponents at the same time and complete laps with the shortest time to win.


Compared to the driving challenges at the same time (1996), Andretti Racing brings more realistic and complex matches. A match takes place with competition between 16 different riders, and you have to defeat the remaining 15 opponents. In a competition, the player will start from the lowest position. The right of the screen will have a track map to observe. Below this map displays a set of stopwatches. With three indices as Lap Time, Best Lap, and Time Elapsed. On the left side of the screen will be a speedometer, a fuel meter, the driver’s position in the race, and laps to complete.

The races usually take place with different types of maps (roads and streets), except Calder Park Thunderdome. I is a famous race track in Australia. In addition, each has Pit Lane so that the player can stop and fix the car’s problems (after being subjected to constant collisions on the track). To win a race, players will have to have many skillful controls and maintain a reasonable movement speed. Besides, players also have to change the speed to overcome complex bends on the track. This will help you easily overcome many opponents and complete the race in a short time. In case you don’t control movement speed, players will quickly collide with other opponents or crash into walls at high speed.

Game modes

This game offers two basic game modes as random competition and tournament competition. With competitive challenges under the tournament, players will compete continuously in many different matches to win the championship. Random competitions are a bit simpler, players just have to choose the challenge to join (Stock Series or Indy Series), and the game will arrange a match at any track to let the player take enjoy.

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