[Playstation] Animorphs – Shattered Reality

Animorphs – Shattered Reality
Full nameAnimorphs - Shattered Reality [SLUS-01010]
File size167.6MB
Genre Adventure
Region USA USA
Console Playstation (Download Emulator)

Animorphs: Shattered Reality is one of three game versions that is based on the movie Animorphs. In addition, this game was only available on the PlayStation platform. The task is to protect the Earth from the alien’s invasion. The players who will carry out this task are the five children on the Earth.

With the plan to invade Earth, Visser Three (also known as Esplin 9466), an army Yeerk’s officer tried to build a machine to destroy and use the power from the Continuum Crystal. However, this process had a problem with stability, and the Continuum Crystal was broken into various pieces. Therefore, the player had to collect the remaining pieces of the mixed stone to find an alien Ax, and he will help stop the Visser Three’s plan.

In Animorphs: Shattered Reality, six characters will appear, and players can use four characters to participate in the challenge. They are Cassie, Tobias, Rachel, Jake, Ax, and Marco. The four characters are Cassie, Jake, Marco, and Rachel. In addition, they also possess their own powers, and each is represented by a different animal. Cassie can turn into a wolf, a symbol of intelligence and agility. Jake is a man with the ability to lead with quick reflexes and run at high speed, he can transform into a lion. Marco can be a rhino, he is knowledgeable about the devices to collect information while on duty. Finally, Rachel has the ability to move agile in the human form into a gray bear. And Tobias (capable of transforming into a red-tailed eagle) and Ax only appear on short videos, offering suggestions to help players complete the challenge.

This game has eight levels, and each has a different environment and obstacles to conquer. In addition, each will have a unique name. It includes Level 1 – The Entrance, Level 2 – The Sea, Level 3 – The Forest, Level 4 – The Swamp, Level 5 – The Gardens, Level 6 – The Dark, Level 7 – The City and Level 8 – The Finale. At each level, the player will have to participate in two different missions as overcoming obstacles and fighting aliens. Overcoming obstacles, characters will use in the form of humans to move easily. As for the task of fighting, the character will transform into an animal to defeat the enemy.

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