[Playstation] Ape Escape [SCUS-94423]

Ape Escape [SCUS-94423]
Full nameApe Escape [SCUS-94423]
File size88.4MB
Region USA USA
Console Playstation (Download Emulator)

Ape Escape is a great game with a fictional background. It started when apes had intelligence like humans and could travel from time to time to change the past. Specifically, an ape of the amusement park was used in a scientific experiment. This monkey, called Specter, is wearing a special hat that allows it to develop its thinking and make it behave more like a human. Besides developing intelligence for Specter, the hat also quickly transformed this gentle ape into an evil. After gaining the power of the hat, Specter quickly gave it to the other apes and unleashed a rebellion. The intelligent apes follow Specter, attack and occupy the research room. Also, Professor and Natalie (the two people who created the hat) were imprisoned by apes.

At the time of the rebellion, Professor and Natalie were working on making a time-traveling machine. This machine was in the lab. Specter quickly got up with a crazy rebel idea. It used the machine to bring intelligent apes and special hats to different times in the past to change the history of humankind. From there, it could create a kingdom of apes and rule the world.

In Ape Escape, players will be able to use Spike (a friend of Professor). His target is capturing the apes that have traveled time (including Specter) to protect the world. The game will take place with a third perspective. You can use many support items to complete the challenge. With the element of time travel, players will perform missions in many different contexts. Besides, the game is built on many different levels, each of which requires players to capture a certain number of enemies for completing missions. To capture apes, you will use a device called Time Net, allowing gamers to move the apes to modern times. Also, you can use the Stun Club (similar to lightsaber, which is used to protect yourself from enemies and traps.

In addition to the main task of capturing apes, the game also offers some side quests for everyone to entertain. To take part in additional challenges, you need to collect a certain number of Specter Coins. These coins are at many different locations in each level. Moreover, there are three additional challenges for players to enjoy, including Specter Boxing, Galaxy Monkey and Ski Kidz Racing.

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