[Playstation] Apocalypse [SLUS-00373]

Apocalypse [SLUS-00373]
Full nameApocalypse [SLUS-00373]
File size184.0MB
Genre Action
Region USA USA
Console Playstation (Download Emulator)

Inspired by the apocalypse topic, the game Apocalypse will bring the task of protecting the world to players. This is an interesting shooter game (in the third view), which was developed by Neversoft and released by Activision in 1998 (October for North America and November for Europe).

The story

In Apocalypse, the story began with the evil thought of a scientist named The Reverend. He believed in the world’s elimination and revival. Therefore, he created the Four Horsemen to destroy the world. They are White Horse (symbol of war), Pale Horse (symbolizing death), Red Horse (brought to the civil war and devastation) and Black Horse (representing hunger). In particular, only one who can stop the crazy plan is Trey Kincaid, a Reverend’s old friend and colleague.

How to play

Coming to Apocalypse, players will begin the task of saving the world by escaping from prison. After finishing this task successfully, the player will move to many different areas to fight the bosses for ending the game. With the shooting challenge, players have the opportunity to use many kinds of weapons, from normal weapons to high-tech weapons. Besides, the weapons are designed with a limited number of bullets. Therefore, players must choose suitable ones and use them reasonably during combat. The game will provide a blue energy bar in the right corner of the screen, which is for gamers to see and control the amount of ammunition.

In addition, the mission of the game will be divided into two stages, including the normal battle phase and the boss battle. In the usual battle areas, players will face many soldiers and equipment from Reverend. From there, you must move skillfully to destroy all enemies. After completing common tasks, gamers can fight with the boss. Also, the power and fighting skills of the bosses will increase gradually in each stage. The original bosses usually have an average combat ability and possess few special skills. However, in the final stages, the boss will be giant with great power.

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