[Playstation] Arc The Lad Collection – Arc The Lad II [SLUS-01252]

Arc The Lad Collection – Arc The Lad II [SLUS-01252]
Full nameArc The Lad Collection - Arc The Lad II [SLUS-01252]
File size228.4MB
Genre Action
Region USA USA
Console Playstation (Download Emulator)

Following the success of the previous versions, the ARC publisher continued to release Arc the Lad II in the Arc the Lad game series in 1996.

The story

The game revolves around the journey of Elc, an explorer finding his lost memories. He was attacked by his enemy and lost his memory of a case. Elc gets hints from his friends and remembers Silver Noah, the boat he last traveled to collect clues from the Arc. However, Elc mistook Arc for another criminal and arrested him for serving the investigation process. He met many friends and faced many terrorist gangs in the city. Every mystery about the enemy unfolds when Elc goes to Chimera’s lab and then to the Silver Noah. Players are involved in dramatic investigations to complete their tasks.

The game content

In the game, the player will control Elc to go to many areas in the Arc case. The first area they came to was the Silver Noah. On the way to the ship, he was stopped by terrorists from the airport. Elc fights with many enemies to continue the journey. He receives a gang crime clue and quickly moves to the ship, in which he found the murder in the last case on the ship. In a conversation to exploit information from leaders of the gangs, the perpetrator was mysteriously killed by a sniper.

Elc chased the gunman to arrest him but is distracted by their traps. He met Shu and Shante at the lost location then they backed to the lab. After that, Shante is kidnapped and kept on a military base. Elc picked up a weapon in the lab and turned his enemies into monsters. After defeating all enemies, he rescued many people in the city as well as received bonuses and clues leading to the next stage. Shante and Elc returned to Chimera’s lab and attacked the monsters. He was injured after the battle and had to search for Kukuru to heal his wound. Elc, Arc and Po, the new friend of Elc taken to the destroyed castle to prove Arc was not the perpetrator of the murder. Then, they find the enemy’s hideout in the city center and complete their mission.

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