[Playstation] Arc The Lad Collection

Arc The Lad Collection
Full nameArc The Lad Collection
File size193.7MB
Genre Adventure
Region USA USA
Console Playstation (Download Emulator)

Arc the Lad Collection is an adventure game that was released by ARC Entertainment. This is the first part of Arc’s journey to save his world. As an explorer, the player will take Arc to many locations in the city to explore and investigate cases. He encountered many friends to face many criminal gangs in dangerous battles. With a unique plot and diverse task systems, the game will bring new and dramatic experiences to players.


Arc appears in the village Touvil when the first stage takes place. At this place, he came across Kukuru, a girl who was having trouble with his family. During the conversation with the girl, Arc knew that she did not want to marry the men of the Seirya royal. He and Kukuru went to the church and took the Flame Cion, a treasure to protect the people’s safety in the whole village. However, they have to make sure not to awaken the devil when the treasures in the church disappear. Upon leaving the church, they met bandits who intended to steal treasures from Kukuru’s hands. Arc had a long sword to fight the enemy. Kukuru received clues leading to a safe location in the village.


In the next stage, Arc has to fight the monster’s army. Kukuru will support him in his battles with the Flame Cion. The arc goes to the prison, where monsters capture the villagers and rescue them. He faces the guards of the prison to get the key to open the door. After rescue all the people, Arc goes to the end of the prison to search for the Demon King. They find the demon king fled to the cave at the end of the village. Arc and Kukuru walk through the vast forest and find the mysterious cave. Many obstacles and pitfalls are set up to prevent Arc from reaching the cave.

Devil bats and cannibal flowers are enemies which he has to destroy. He receives a bonus for defeating enemies. With his high jump ability, Arc climbs onto the large rocks in the cave and lights the torch. He dies if he falls into a crack in a cave or is attacked. They find a dark room at the end of the cave and destroy them. The Demon King appears with a weapon with strong magic power. Arc moves flexibly to evade attacks from them. The game ends when the demon king is defeated, and they return to their village.

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