[Playstation] Army Men – Sarge’s Heroes 2 [SLUS-01202]

Army Men – Sarge’s Heroes 2 [SLUS-01202]
Full nameArmy Men - Sarge's Heroes 2 [SLUS-01202]
File size344.1MB
Genre Action
Region USA USA
Console Playstation (Download Emulator)

After the success of Army Men: Sarge’s Heroes, the second version of this game was released in 2000 by 3DO developer as Army Men: Sarge’s Heroes 2. Continuing the plot system of Part 1, part 2 will bring a new battle for the two sides, the Green, and the Blue with their allies – the Tan. After the disappearance of General Plastro, the world would have been peaceful. However, a new villain appeared – Bridgette Bleu. She is a spy and works for the Blue force. Besides, she has successfully created a unique serum to help reverse the plasticization process of the soldiers for the Blue and the Tan. Therefore, your mission in this version is to destroy the Tan faction and search for Bridgette Bleu for defeating the serum.

In addition to the main character – Sarge, the game allows you to control another character, Vikki. Besides, you can enjoy two game modes, including dual players and campaign. In the campaign mode, you will discover 12 stages. In which, you are also involved in many missions to rescue Vikki because she has a hobby of causing trouble. Each stage will have unique challenges, and they allow you to control Vikki or Sarge in different situations. With role-playing and shooting elements, you will discover many weapons, such as AR 15, M79 grenade launcher, grenades, bazooka… In addition to destroying the Tan army, you also have to face heavy enemy weapons such as tanks or helicopters.

Besides, a vitality bar is also designed to show the character’s stamina. To regain vitality, you need to search and collect the first aid kit. In addition, you can also equip armor to ensure the vitality is not affected when you are under the attack of the Tan faction. Armor will be hidden inside the wooden crates. You can use grenades to destroy wooden crates and collect armor. Finally, the game takes place in two different worlds: the real world and the plastic world of Sarge. In the plastic world, Sarge will be returned to the size of a normal toy. In particular, the plastic world is designed with some interesting motion effects. For example, soda cans or a bottle of wine can be destroyed in battle.

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