[Playstation] Batman Beyond – Return Of The Joker [SLUS-01207]

Batman Beyond – Return Of The Joker [SLUS-01207]
Full nameBatman Beyond - Return Of The Joker [SLUS-01207]
File size320.1MB
Genre Adventure
Region USA USA
Console Playstation (Download Emulator)

Batman is a popular film series from Warner Bros producer. It is about Batman’s fight against crime and terrorism. So far, many games based on this film series have been interested in. In 2001, Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment released Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker on PlayStation and Nintendo 64.

The game content

The game is about the retired period of Batman in the mid-21st century. However, criminals are still causing many crimes in Gotham City. Recently, a dangerous gang has raised called Jokerz. They carried out many missions to terrorize people and rob banks. Bruce Wayne paid attention to them after the computer robbery at several high-tech companies. He thought that a big organization is controlling Jokerz. In this game, we can meet Terry McGinnis, who is the successor of the Batman title. He fights terrorism and ensures peace in Gotham. Bruce Wayne gave Terry McGinnis the task of investigating and destroying the Jokerz gang. Shortly thereafter, Jokerz executed his revenge plan when Bruce Wayne was at a meeting at Wayne Enterprises. Bruce Wayne was lucky to escape the assassination, but he was seriously injured. He doubted that Joker has returned. Bruce Wayne will make a plan to defeat Joker again.

How to play

In the game, the player will control the character on the horizontal screen on the 3D graphics platform. Along the way, there are many obstacles, enemies and traps. Gamers have to attack for destroying the enemy or obstacles (small wooden boxes). Also, the small wooden boxes will appear randomly on the map. You can collect extra lives, HP recovery drugs and keys. In which, collecting keys is very important, which you can use to open doors for receiving additional rewards. To overcome obstacles, gamers need to control the character to jump. Doing two jumps will help the character fly in the air for a short time.

At the end of each level, players will face the boss. Also, Joker’s henchmen will constantly appear to stop you. At this point, gamers need to destroy them before facing the boss. Bosses are powerful warriors, and they have the sam Hp bars like yours. On a level, there will appear from one to two bosses. They can do a lot of damage and you need to dodge these attacks. Attacking the weak point of the boss is a way to make critical damage and overcome difficult levels.

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