[Playstation] BattleTanx – Global Assault [SLUS-01044]

BattleTanx – Global Assault [SLUS-01044]
Full nameBattleTanx - Global Assault [SLUS-01044]
File size287.3MB
Genre Action
Region USA USA
Console Playstation (Download Emulator)

BATTLETANX – GLOBAL ASSAULT is a great game, which is the sequel to BATTLETANX. This second version brings a new story after the fierce battles of the first one. Gamers continue to enjoy intense tank battles. You will meet the family of Griffin Spade and a new villain, Queen Cassandra. In this part, the evil queen is plotting to invade and rule the world again. She sent Griffin Spade’s soldiers to monitor the family and kidnapped Brandin’s son, Brandon. Besides, she also ordered to kill all people related to Brandon. After receiving the deadly information, Griffin and her companions marched and fought with Cassandra’s army to prevent her evil plot. However, Griffin’s army was defeated. To protect the family, Griffin and Madison were forced to leave San Francisco. After moving to safer areas, Madison and Griffin develop a new battle plan to chase Queen Cassandra until they rescue Brandon.

During the battle in Washington, Cassandra’s army was defeated, but she quickly escaped and brought Brandon to the US. As a result, Griffin and Madison went to Europe and built a new army to fight Cassandra. The two main characters of the game will have to fight in 3 different countries to end the game. Besides, gamers have to pass the battles in Germany, France and the United Kingdom. In Paris, players will discover a terrible mystery. Cassandra created and released the dangerous virus that killed 99% of women on Earth. After that, you can rescue Brandon in the battle in Berlin. After completing the mission of rescuing Berlin, you will return to the United States to fight Queen Cassandra in the final battle at Alcatraz Island.

When participating in combat, you will be able to choose 1 of the gangs. Besides, each gang has five different types of tanks for players to choose from. Each tank has a unique special skill for you to use in emergencies. Also, the game will provide two game modes, including single-player and the campaign. In campaign mode, you will discover many different battle areas according to each mission. Battles will take place in famous areas such as British Parliament Building, US Highway 66 or Eiffel Tower.

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