[Playstation] Crash Team Racing

Crash Team Racing
Full nameCrash Team Racing [SCUS-94426]
File size268.6MB
Genre Adventure
Region USA USA
Console Playstation (Download Emulator)

Crash Team Racing provides an interesting story about the journey to protect the Earth by participating in races with alien players. On a clear day, Earth was visited by an alien and he called himself Nitros Oxide – the best rider. After contact with the Earth, Nitros Oxide made a dangerous offer. He asked the best riders on Earth to compete with him. In case humans defeated him, the Earth would be safe. However, the Earth will be destroyed and turned into a parking lot when Nitros Oxide won the race.

Many game modes

In Crash Team Racing, players can use 15 different characters to participate. However, the first stage only allows you to use a maximum of 8 characters. While the others have to be unlocked to use. Along with the diverse number, this game has also five game modes to explore. They are Arcade, Adventure, Time Trial, Versus, and Battle. In the five modes, Arcade brings simple matches to get acquainted. This mode allows players to choose any character and race to participate. The challenges are arranged in two forms as participating in a race or competition to win the championship. By competing on a track, you just have to reach the top position to beat the others. And in the form of a championship, players will have to compete in four different tracks.

The new challenges

Adventure is a story mode, you will choose 1 of the 8 basic characters to participate in the races. This game offers 16 races to conquer (each will take you to a different track). The goal is to defeat Nitros Oxide to protect the Earth. To meet him, you have to complete the required races, and some with the boss. The boss race will be done in the form of 1 vs 1. Defeat the boss, you get the Boss Key to enter new areas and meet Nitros at the last match on the spacecraft. Time Trial offers single-player races. It offers a fixed mission, completes a race in the shortest time, and overcomes the challenges. Finally, Versus and Battle are two multiplayer modes. They will bring thrilling races between multiple players (4 players).

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