[Playstation] Digimon World

Digimon World
Full nameDigimon World [SLES-02914]
File size140.5MB
Genre Adventure
Region Europe Europe
Console Playstation (Download Emulator)

In Digimon World, the main character is a mysterious boy who comes to Digital World after Jijimon’s call. The context takes place in File City. At that time, the Digimon lost their memory and started attacking the trainers. Therefore, the main character was summoned to this land to restore memory for the Digimon (by fighting and defeating). In order to do that, he had to answer some Jijimon’s questions. Based on the answers, Jijimon would give the Gabumon or Agumon to nurture. From there, the main character can begin fighting other Digimon and saving File City from chaos.

In Digimon World, the player will control the main character and name him. From the provided Digimon, players will begin their journey to take care of Digimon and participate in exciting matches. Digimon care is relatively simple. However, the player has to perform continuously to ensure that Digimon is a stable development. You will have to train Digimon, feed your pet to recover health after training. Next, Digimon has to take a bath and rest.

Along with caring and training Digimon, players also have to get pets to fight. Completing each battle, Digimon will be upgraded and unlocked new battle skills. Digimon upgrading is very important because the later stages will give Digimon superior power. You can’t defeat them unless your pet has been upgraded. In addition, the game also brings many items and help you to take care of Digimon better. You can buy items from existing stores or collect items through defeating Digimon who has lost their memory. To end the game in the plot, players will have to go to Infinity Mountain to face the final boss, Analogman (owns Mega Machinedramon). This villain is the cause that Digimon loses memory, and you have to defeat him to protect Digital World. In addition to the single-player (storyline), the game also offers a multiplayer challenge. In this game, each will own their own Digimon. After that, players can cooperate or compete with each other.

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