[Playstation] DragonBallZ-Ultimate Battle 22

DragonBallZ-Ultimate Battle 22
Full nameDragonBallZ-Ultimate_Battle_22
File size164.7MB
Region Europe Europe
Console Playstation (Download Emulator)

Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Battle 22 was available on the PlayStation platform in 1995 in Japan and Europe in 1996. This game is based on the Dragon Ball Z series. It is Ultimate Battle 22. Because it has 22 playable characters at the beginning. Besides, the game also offers 5 mysterious characters to unlock. In particular, successfully unlocking 5 new characters, the game will automatically switch from Ultimate Battle 22 to Ultimate Battle 27.

Basically, Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Battle 22 will give players many exciting matches. Besides, some diverse characters also brings many beautiful fighting skills to enjoy. An interesting feature is that it has no time limit on the competition. A match only stops when a character is defeated on the playing field.

In the combat, the character will have two energy bars with two different features. The first is the vitality bar with two colors (green and yellow). The health bar is green when starting a battle. After taking many enemy damages, the green will turn yellow and warn the player about to be defeated. From there, players will have to make reasonable changes in the strategy to win. The vitality bar will be red, representing the character’s power. You can use it to activate special attack skills. When this energy bar is reduced to 0, the character will not gain the ability to move. Therefore, the player has to ensure that this energy bar is always fully charged and use special attack techniques appropriately.

Besides, the game also provides basic defensive techniques to prevent enemy skills. It is Energy Shield (Android calls it Force Field). Note, this skill has a limited time to use, and it only blocks energy attack skills (Ki). Players still suffer damage from normal physical attack skills (punch or kick). Along with exciting combat content, the manufacturer also prepares up to 11 different playgrounds to use. Each will randomly arrange to play on a playground, including Cell Games Arena, World Martial Arts Tournament, Plain, Ruined City, Hyperbolic Time Chamber, Barren Planet, Coast, Crystal Room, Desert, Kami’s Lookout, and Namek.

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