[Playstation] Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VII
Full nameFinal Fantasy VII _(Disc_1)_[SCES-00867]
File size379.2MB
Genre Role Playing
Region Europe Europe
Console Playstation (Download Emulator)

Final Fantasy VII is a dramatic action game in the Final Fantasy game series which was available by Square in 1997. The game is on a fictional planet, Spira. This planet directly affects many countries such as Thailand, Japan and some others in the southern peninsula of the Pacific Ocean. Players will accompany explorers to search for the monster’s hiding places from the planet Spira. Eventually, they find the monster’s leader soldiers and destroy them to bring peace to the world.

Basically, the game offers three modes to experience including world campaign, arena and free battle. They have an area map at the beginning of the world campaign. The player controls a young adventurer with a sword. In this place, they explore many territories to destroy monsters. They go to town to find out information about monsters. Based on the information, the player predicts the enemy’s hiding place and sets out to go there. He uses a time travel car to go to the questioned area. The enemy is a large robot with a pistol weapon. Accompanying him in this battle is a friend along the way. Players receive bonuses and communications equipment between monsters.

Possessing valuable items, players go to the desert with the instruction on the device. Enemies appear constantly obstructing their journey. If the player falls into the enemy’s hands, they will restart the stage and lose many bonuses. After a certain number of stages, the player has to fight the big boss in the mysterious room. They leave some valuable items after being defeated. At some locations in the area, players will find shops. Here, they use the collected money to buy combat support items. They get a break after each game and talk to the salesperson for more information. The adventurer possesses strong magical power to fight with many different monsters. When the player attacks a large enemy, many effects are activated on the enemy’s body which makes it easy to destroy. Players will receive assistance from people in the final stage. An enemy’s strong base appears on the small island. They see many dangerous devices that can kill them if they collide. The game ends when the explorer conquers all the map’s objectives.

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