[Playstation] Harvest Moon – Back To Nature

Harvest Moon – Back To Nature
Full nameHarvest Moon - Back To Nature [SLUS-01115]
File size20.9MB
Genre Role Playing , Simulation
Region USA USA
Console Playstation (Download Emulator)

Harvest Moon: Back to Nature is an adventure game that was released by Victor Interactive Software in 1999. The game revolves around a boy on a journey back to his homeland. He recalled his memories in a small village when he was 5 years old. In the village, he lived with his grandfather and a neighbor friend. They took care of the farm and explored various parts of the village. After three months, he returned to the city and lived with his family. 10 years later, the young man received that his grandfather had died and their family returned to the village. His memory kept him there. However, in order to be recognized as a resident, he had to restore a farm within three months as directed.

Basically, the journey begins in a small forest along the village. The player controls the young man to use the axe to collect wood from large trees. He has a vacant lot with a small house. Their mission is to develop it into a farm. During a talk with the professor, he goes to the small house to get the necessary tools. The young man has some money to buy the necessary items. He goes to the store in the village and buys seeds of various plants. With the provided tools, he conducts planting and watering to take care of their crops. At the end of this period, he meets many friends as a child.

In the next phase, he goes to many places in the village. At this time, his farm is growing strongly. When they make products like fruits and chicken eggs, the young man receives the first money. The merchants will go to the farm to buy garden products and give him many bonuses. He uses bonuses to buy decorative items and others to develop the farm. Many new caves under the house are created by his efforts. He joins a festival in the final stages. He comes out of his farm when hearing the bell from the church. Here, he meets many new friends and the village’s head. The farm is inspected by many professors and the head when the ceremony ends. He becomes a villager after receiving good reviews from the leader.

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