[Playstation] Marvel Super Heroes Vs Street Fighter

Marvel Super Heroes Vs Street Fighter
Full nameMarvel Super Heroes Vs Street Fighter [SLUS-00793]
File size263.8MB
Genre Fighting
Region USA USA
Console Playstation (Download Emulator)

Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter is the next version of X-Men vs Street Fighter which was available by Capcom for PlayStation in 1999. Like the previous version, the game still brings team battles between the famous characters of Street Fighter and Marvel. In the game, gamers can use 17 characters, and each will possess their own beautiful fighting skills. In which, 8 characters belong to Marvel Comic and 9 others of Street Fighter. Besides, players can explore six other secret characters (usually counter-existing versions). For example, Captain America has an opposing version, and the character’s name is U.S. Agent. Or the opposite of Sakura Kasugano is Dark Sakura.

Instead of bringing up the same battle with Street Fighter, Marvel Super Heroes Vs. Street Fighter allows players to choose two different characters. Meanwhile, the first will be used to compete with the opponent, while the second is as a support (only appears when being summoned). The goal is to defeat the competition within the allowed time. To do that, the player has to coordinate well with offensive and moving skills to put pressure on the enemy. From there, making the opponent’s vitality drop and the opponent will have to give in. In case you have not finished the opponent in limited time, the game will rely on the health status to find the winner.

This game offers two simple game modes as Arcade, Versus, Training, Hero Battle and Cross Over. In Arcade mode, players will enjoy random matches with the CPU. In addition to defeating in prepared stages, you also have to take part in fighting bosses. The two most dangerous tycoons are Apocalypse and Cyber-Akuma. Training is a training mode to explore the special fighting skills. Hero Battle allows you to choose 2 out of 17 available characters to use, and you will have to defeat the others. At Cross Over, you also play against the CPU. After each game, the game will automatically change the character so that the player can use many different characters. Finally, Versus is a mode that allows multiple players to compete against each other.

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