[Playstation] Metal Slug X

Metal Slug X
Full nameMetal Slug X [SLUS-01212]
File size33.8MB
Region USA USA
Console Playstation (Download Emulator)

Metal Slug X is an upgraded version of Metal Slug 2 with more intense and engaging combat missions. The context will take place after the Donald Morden’s destruction. World peace has not yet been established because criminal organizations are still active. In addition, criminal organizations have many activities to cooperate. They lead to a rumor that Donald Morden is not dead and build a new criminal organization.

Metal Slug X still uses many familiar images of the Metal Slug series. The players still face many enemies. Your combat mission is still carried out by moving according to the horizontal screen. You will have to destroy enemies and rescue prisoners who are being captured. After that, they will give you different support items to use. The player’s basic weapon is still a shotgun with an unlimited number of bullets. However, there are still many different weapons to collect, but they will be limited ammunition. Players have to collect more to continue using them. Besides using different guns, you can also approach enemies and destroy them with a dagger.

During the battle, the game also provides some different war vehicles to use (aircraft, tanks …). Therefore, players can quickly defeat many enemies on the way. However, the means can be destroyed after suffering many enemy attacks. Before the explosion, vehicles will be shown with flashing images. You have to quickly get out of them to ensure life. The fighting missions still take place at a fast pace. It requires players to have agile reflexes. Each map still brings the Mid Boss and Final Boss, you have to defeat them to go forward.

Similar to other versions, the game still offers a single-player and multiplayer mode. In multiplayer mode, you will have to move and coordinate well to complete the levels with the shortest time. In addition, you can share life for each other to use and continue to fight.

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