[Playstation] Nightmare Creatures II [SLUS-01112]

Nightmare Creatures II [SLUS-01112]
Full nameNightmare Creatures II [SLUS-01112]
File size303.1MB
Genre Adventure
Region USA USA
Console Playstation (Download Emulator)

Nightmare Creatures 2 is a horror game from the famous developer Konami. It was released on the PlayStation and Dreamcast platforms in 2000. This version is the sequel to the Nightmare Creatures game series by Kalisto Entertainment. After a short time, the game quickly received positive reviews from critics and players. Please join us to check it right now!

The story

About the plot, the events follows the previous version. In which, Herbert Wallace, a patient in the hospital, was being imprisoned by Adam Crowley, who created the zombie army to commit evil deeds. Taking advantage of Crowley’s loophole, Herbert found the secret way in the hospital to escape. He ran on a plane to come to France in order to investigate the cause of the monster squad that Crowley led. Herbert went to the church and stumbled upon the mysterious book. This told him about Crowley’s upcoming scheme. He began to act to stop him with many dangers.

The gameplay

Basically, the players will act Herbert, the main character. The journey begins when he exits the hospital. Herbert’s weapon is two short axes with the ability to fight in close range. When Herbert is out of the hospital, zombies in the form of monsters attacked to prevent him from escaping. He uses ax to destroy barrels of oil and directly attacks the enemy. Besides the original weapons, pistols, bombs and magic which collect on the road can also help Herbert escape the attack of enemies. The next stage took him to the church of a big city in France. The short film gives information about the whereabouts of Crowley and his accomplices. With the collected clues, he runs to the available location on the map and fights the enemy. Herbert has to ensure his physical strength in the battles to safe. He has to return to the beginning of the stage if the enemy kills him. In addition to destroying enemies, Herbert has to destroy their whereabouts to avoid new monsters. The final battle between Crowley and Herbert takes place when the zombie army is completely destroyed. The biggest difficulty for Herbert is the dangerous equipment which Crowley possesses. The mission ends when Crowley is defeated, and Herbert returned to the hospital to recover his wound.

The visual

With beautiful graphics through the dark tones, Nightmare Creatures 2 offers a thrilling and dramatic experiences. Besides, the sound of the church and the street also created dangerous spaces before their eyes. If you are a fan of the horror survival game, this is a game that you cannot ignore.

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