[Playstation] Resident Evil Director S Cut [SLUS-00551]

Resident Evil Director S Cut [SLUS-00551]
Full nameResident Evil Director S Cut [SLUS-00551]
File size296.5MB
Genre Action
Region USA USA
Console Playstation (Download Emulator)

The original Resident Evil is a fantastic game. It’s even more remarkable when you realize it came from Capcom, known for Street Fighters, Final Fights, and Mega Man.


It was entertaining and told theatrically (I guess). You have a traitor and a double agent and the victimized S.T.A.R.S team members who didn’t know what hit them from behind, so do I. In short, both characters are from the S.T.A.R.S Alpha team in search of their teammates, the Bravo team. Your team landed in Raccoon Forest and attacked by some monster. All of you ran into this huge mansion, and this is where you start.

The intriguing story keeps me wanting to know more, resulting in a longer playable time. Therefore, either you play as Jill Valentine (accessible mode) or Chris Redfield (the hard way), you will always be served with different story sequences depending on the tasks you have completed throughout the game. The dialogues are worth listening to, with essential details giving you more insight into the events. Resident Evil’s bottom line provides a truly remarkable story that involves emotions, integrity, power, and friendship-a class of its own.


This is where this game truly shines. As mentioned earlier, there are two playable characters, Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield. Each name for a different choice of mode. There are three difficulty settings (Original, Beginner, and Advanced/ Arranged). Each character will journey in almost the same places as the other name did (in some events, each will have gone through a specific area where the other didn’t).

There are 2 significant bosses, with Tyrant being the final one. You have a wide range of weapons to select, such as shotgun, bazooka, machine gun, and herbs to replenish your health (herbs can be combined to double the effect and three colors, red-blue-green). You will solve puzzles in certain parts of the game and come across cut scenes as you play it. Everything has been set up correctly.

Besides, there are many types of endings to accomplish. You will have to meet specific criteria throughout the game to get the desired ending.

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