[Sega Dreamcast] Bang Gunship Elite

Bang Gunship Elite
Full nameBang Gunship Elite
File size579.9MB
Genre Simulation
Region USA USA
Console Sega Dreamcast (Download Emulator)

Bang! Gunship Elite is a role-playing game with a battle scene in outer space. The player will become a pilot to participate in fierce battles between races. This fascinating game was built by RayLand and published by Red Storm Entertainment. It was officially available on December 18, 2000 in North America for two platforms (Microsoft Windows and Sega Dreamcast).

Bang! Gunship Elite’s story takes place in a fantasy universe. There are three races as Dagons, Numidian, and Arikhans. To develop technology and the opportunity to explore many other planets in the universe, they formed an Alliance and worked together to develop. In which, the Alliance uses an energy source Khan to serve the scientific development plan and exploration of new planets. However, some others did not want to share Khan, and they wanted to use it for themselves. At that time, Sektar, a belligerent race that waged war with the Alliance. They called for support from another race, the Morgoths. To protect the Alliance, the player will become an Arikhan fighter pilot to destroy the battleships or fighters of Morgoths and Sektar.

The shooting challenge has 19 levels. Each will offer a different battle scene to enjoy. Besides, the number of enemies in each level is different, but the goal does not much change. The player still has to destroy all enemies on the screen to complete the level. In addition, the A.I system has a complex design, and it is a great challenge to overcome. The A.I can move quickly and their attack speed will increase gradually with each level. Therefore, players have to have good concentration and quick reflexes to defeat the enemy. Besides defeating enemies, the game also builds a diverse weapon system to upgrade through each stage. There are ten available weapons to use. Each has their own unique ability to deal damage, and players have to complete challenges to collect.

In addition to easy content and many levels to fight, Bang! Gunship Elite also owns beautiful 3D graphics. Besides, the interface system is intuitive, and the player will not take much time to get used to it. Another strong point on the Dreamcast version is the good frame rate and brings many smooth details.

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