[Sega Dreamcast] Bangai O

Bangai O
Full nameBangai O
File size613.3MB
Genre Action , Shooter
Region USA USA
Console Sega Dreamcast (Download Emulator)

Bangai-O was designed with shooting challenges for Nintendo 64 in Japan. The game was available by Treasure Video Game on Nintendo 64 on September 3, 1999. Besides N64, it is provided for the Sega Dreamcast platform with visual and gameplay changes. In Japan, it was released three months after the original version, on December 9, 1999. With the European, it was available on October 20, 2000, and in North America on March 21, 2001, was published by Conspiracy Entertainment.

Regarding the content, the Dreamcast version has not much change from the original other. The game still focuses on the journey against the space pirate crew – SF Cosmo of the two main characters, Mami and Riki. In the game, the player has a Mecha to destroy all enemies along the way. Besides, the power system remains the same as the original version. Both Riki and Mami use their unique weapons to control Mecha. In which, Mami controls Mecha allowing the player to use laser weapons to defeat the enemy. As for Riki, the player can use missiles to fight and change the two main characters to use their power. Besides, the Mecha’s special skill is still launching 100 omnidirectional missiles outside the battlefield to eliminate enemies easily. In addition to destroying enemies at each stage, players can also destroy various structures along the way to collect bonus points. Some structures which are destroyed, also produce their own fruits. You have to collect them to receive certain bonus points.

In Bangai-O, players will have to overcome many different stages. Each will have a limited time to complete the mission. Besides, at the end of each will bring the boss battle. Especially, each stage has different challenges. For example, some basic stages only require the extermination of all enemies. Still, other states require the destruction of enemies and clever movement to escape from restricted areas. In case the players do not leave the areas in time, the walls will crack and crush them.

After having on Dreamcast, Bangai-O has owns an image quality better than the N64. The visual details and context are clear. Some explosive effects are also more beautiful.

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