[Sega Dreamcast] Blue Stinger

Blue Stinger
Full nameBlue Stinger
File size748.3MB
Genre Action , Adventure
Region USA USA
Console Sega Dreamcast (Download Emulator)

Among the horror and survival games on the Console Game, Blue Stinger is a famous and popular name. Especially, it brings new battle challenges compared with the Resident Evil series. This game was built by Climax Graphics and was available by two different managers. For the Japanese, it was published by Sega on March 25, 1999. As for areas outside Japan such as Europe and North America, it was available by Activision on September 9, 1999.

In the plot of Blue Stinger, it begins with a familiar Earth event, 65 million years ago, a huge meteorite fell to Earth on the Yucatan peninsula. Since then, it eliminated dinosaurs from this planet. By 2001, a mysterious island emerged from a meteorite collision and it was Dinosaur Island. After it appeared, a large corporation that specialized in biotechnology quickly gained the right to research the island. By 2018, the island opened and allowed many people to visit. In which, Eliot Ballade (the protagonist and member of the ESER force – Emergency Sea Evacuation and Rescue) is on holiday with his friends on the island. However, a mysterious object fell to the island and covered with a protective energy field. Besides, it also released scary monsters, and Eliot had to survive in this dangerous area.

In Blue Stinger, players control Eliot to fight alien creatures. He has to investigate the mysterious object that falls on Dinosaur Island. During the discovery process, players have a third perspective. They used weapons are guns and swords. However, they will not be available, and players have to collect at each stage to use. To do that, players will have to collect bonuses during the mission to use at vending machines. From a vending machine, gamers can buy weapons and ammunition to combat. In addition, it also provides some health recovery items to help players recharge after each battle.

About the graphics system, Blue Stinger receives reviews as normal. Besides, the characters and monsters have the uneven design. The monsters are nice and easy to see, but the characters are simple and no many outstanding features. It makes players feel boring.

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