[Sega Dreamcast] Bomberman Online

Bomberman Online
Full nameBomberman Online
File size571.3MB
Genre Action , Puzzle
Region USA USA
Console Sega Dreamcast (Download Emulator)

Bomberman is a classic and familiar game on many different Console platforms. However, in 2001, Sega released a unique version. It allows players to participate in exciting matches and face many opponents at the same time. The game is Bomberman Online. It was available on October 30 on Dreamcast.


The story takes place at Bomber Planet, a sports competition, Bomblympics, was held to find the winner and hold the title Hero of Bomber Planet. When the event took place, Bomberman was holding the title, and he decided to join the tournament to protect it.


In the Bomblympics competition, there are six contestants, including Bomberman. To retain the title, he has to defeat the remaining five competitors in various challenges. Five opponents will appear in the tournament such as Red Phoenix, Iron Bulldozers, Electric Dragons, Storm Giants and Princess Mariners. At this tournament, each will have to pass through the designated competition room and participate in hand-to-hand matches. The last survivor will be the one who won the championship. With his clever movement skills and fighting experience, Bomberman overcomes five opponents and retains the title Hero of Bomber Planet.

There are five game modes to explore. In which, each has a boss and a different playground. The most basic game mode is the Survival Rule, the boss is the Electric Dragons with a playground, the Thunder Bomber. This game has a simple goal, players only eliminate all enemies on the playground. The next mode is a new challenge, it is the Hyper Bomber Rule. Its playground is the Bomber Brothers. Compared to the first mode, this mode has more complex content. Instead of focusing on destroying opponents, players will have to collect the required items and move to the center to complete the challenge. Panel Paint Rule is a game mode, managed by Iron Bulldozers with a playground, Bomber Gun Rock. Its requirement is to color the squares in the playground by placing bombs for a limited time.

Similar to destroying opponents of Survival Rule, Ring Match Rule requires destroying enemies to accumulate bonus points. Each defeated enemy will bring certain reward points. At the end of the match, the person who has the most points will win. The tycoon of this mode is Storm Giants, and the battles will take place on Aladdin Bomber. Finally, the Submarine Rule brings the boss Princess Mariners and competes at the Bomber Mermaid. It has the same requirements as the Battleship Game. However, each bomb that is placed at the location on the playground will be equipped with its own timer.


Bomberman Online has a good-quality graphics system. The characters are beautiful, and the color system is harmoniously coordinated with each frame.

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