[Sega Dreamcast] Capcom Vs. SNK Millennium Fight 2000

Capcom Vs. SNK Millennium Fight 2000
Full nameCapcom Vs. SNK Millennium Fight 2000
File size892.1MB
Genre Action , Fighting
Region Japan Japan
Console Sega Dreamcast (Download Emulator)

Capcom vs. SNK: Millenium Fight 2000 is the second version of the Capcom vs. SNK series by Capcom cooperate with SNK. In addition, this version is also the first version of the game that can be played on Arcade. This game was available in 2000 for Sega’s NAOMI platform. It was later ported to two other Console Games, Dreamcast in 2001 and PlayStation in 2002. In which, the Dreamcast platform was launched in Japan on September 6, in North America on November 9, and in Europe on December 15. As for the PlayStation platform, it was available in Japan on April 18, Europe on July 12, and North America on August 14.

Due to the construction of two different games, some characters in this game are quite diverse, the manufacturer brings 17 characters from Street Fighter and 16 characters of The King of Fighters. However, there is only 28 available characters to use. Some characters will be mysterious and unlocked at later stages. Besides, the character system is also designed according to a certain standard, Ratio. In which, Ratio assesses the strength of each character to arrange matches fairly. Avoid taking place unbalanced matches like characters with normal combat ability who face strong characters with fighting techniques.

Similar to its previous, players still compete in groups. Before starting the match, you will choose two characters to use. Each takes place in different rounds, and the player has to win several rounds to win the whole match. When an opponent is defeated, their remaining character will appear immediately, and the player will continue to compete. However, your vitality system will be restored to continue playing. Besides using clever movement techniques to evade attacks, players can also use special combat techniques by accumulating energy. An energy bar will be displayed at the bottom of the screen, and each will use different power levels. Therefore, players have to have a reasonable strategy to use many powerful attack techniques and quickly defeat the opponent with a short time.

Finally, the visual system is careful. Capcom uses 2D graphics, and character systems are beautifully designed with cartoon style. In addition, their movements are some fascinating moving effects to enjoy.

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