[Sega Dreamcast] Championship Surfer

Championship Surfer
Full nameChampionship Surfer
File size390.6MB
Genre Sports
Region USA USA
Console Sega Dreamcast (Download Emulator)

Championship Surfer is a entertaining sports game which was designed by Krome Studios for many different platforms. The unique feature was that it was provided for the first Microsoft Windows platform. Later, versions of the Console Game were available. At Microsoft Windows platform, it was only published to North America on November 19, 2000. In Console Game, it is provided for two platforms, PlayStation and Dreamcast. With the PlayStation, it was available on December 4, 2000 in North America and on October 19, 2001 for the European region. Later, the Dreamcast version was also released in North America – December 11, 2000 and Europe – August 10, 2001. In addition, Mattel Interactive is responsible for publishing to the North America. As for Europe, it was available by GAME Studios.

With surf content, Championship Surfer is an attractive option of adventure sports. It brings not only intelligent control challenges but also many tasks to conquer in each game mode. In which, the Championship Mode is the most attractive mode, it brings many opponents to compete. The players will have to overcome many different rounds, from simple to complex to win the championship. The content is to compete and perform surfing tricks with precise controls to get high reward points. The next and simpler mode is Arcade Mode, players will participate in the challenge in stages. Each will set different goals to accomplish. Completing the current goals, the game will unlock new challenges. In case the gamers wants hilarious competition challenges and knock down opponents in match, Rumble Mode is the best choice. Its challenge is to knock down competitors to get bonus points. Besides doing stable surfing tips, the main goal that the player have to perform is to eliminate many opponents in the matches. In addition, each also prepares support items for players to collect and use during the competition. Next, exploring King of The Waves, you will enjoy multiplayer competitions, allowing eight opponents to compete. Unlike Rumble Mode, this mode restricts attacks on its opponents. Instead, players have to perform many beautiful and accurate surfing tricks to receive bonus points. Specially, the scoring system of King of The Waves is more complicated than Championship Mode.

About image quality and resolution, the Dreamcast version receives better reviews than the PlayStation version. However, Dreamcast also encountered some minor issues such as some image details have not been smooth, and the camera movement is quite unstable.

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