[Sega Dreamcast] Coaster Works

Coaster Works
Full nameCoaster Works
File size143.1MB
Genre Strategy
Region USA USA
Console Sega Dreamcast (Download Emulator)

The simulation genre has always been a fascinating topic to relax. It brings not only many unique quests but also intriguing intellectual challenges to explore their abilities. With the Game Console system, simulation games are relatively popular and some famous names that players cannot ignore. Coaster Works is a simulation game which is to design a roller coaster system according to certain requirements. This game was built by Bottom Up and Bimboosoft to cater for Sega Dreamcast. After completing the development, it was available by Xicat Interactive in three regions with separate timelines. For Japan, it was published on December 9, 1999. In North America, it was available on December 10, 2000. In the European region, it was on June 29, 2001.

In Coaster Works, the players have to build many different types of roller coaster tracks. The game will prepare challenges in stages, and each will give a separate specification to design the rail system. Besides, the difficulty of the challenges will increase gradually in stages. In the early stages, the players have to build bullet trains for children which make them feel fun to experience and are not be scared. In later stages, players have to design more complex rail systems to cater to adults.

To complete the challenge, players will explore two different stages. The first is the design of the rail system, and the second is the testing. In which, the design phase will take players to geometric design environment with four small screens that are displayed with different views as Rall, Front, Top and Side. From the provided views, players will build a system of rails with different bends, ups and downs. As for the testing process, players has first view from the seat on the roller coaster. Also, you participate in moving on the rail system to check its performance according to design requirements. Besides, there are four technical factors that players have to make after completing the test, including Minimum Speed, Minimum G, Thrill and Safe. As long as one of the four factors is not met, the player’s design will fail.

Referring to the graphics, Coaster Works has many different reviews. Some comments that the game has normal graphics. Others rated that it has a good picture system, a variety of viewing angles that help stimulate the brain and interesting feeling for players.

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