[Sega Dreamcast] Confidential Mission

Confidential Mission
Full nameConfidential Mission
File size189.4MB
Region Europe Europe
Console Sega Dreamcast (Download Emulator)

From addictive and engaging shooting challenges like Virtua Cop or The House of the Dead, Sega continues to upgrade to bring more exciting matches for gamers. In the Confidential Mission, players still participate in shooting challenges with a first-person perspective. However, this game has many unique features to make players satisfied.

When it was first released, this game was available for Arcade Game platform in 2000. After that, Hitmaker converted directly to Sega Dreamcast to release in 2001 for three regions. The first market is North America, published on May 14. The next market is Europe, May 25. Also in Japan, it was available on June 14.

Similar to Virtua Cop, the content is the task of destroying terrorists to protect the peace. The story begins with the fact that an outer space satellite, World Collision, has been controlled by a terrorist group. Therefore, the CMF sends two investigators, Jean Clifford and Howard Gibson, to track down the terrorist group that carried out the attack. During the investigation, two CMF agents discover the terrorist organization behind the theft, Agares. Besides, Agares is detaining a programmer Irina Mikalova to reprogram the satellite operation system. Then, Jean and Howard rescue Irina, and she helps them find Agares’ base. Eventually, they discovered the purpose of this organization is to use satellites to attack the main base of CMF. Discovering this purpose, Howard and Jean try to arrest Agares’ leader to prevent evil plans from being carried out.

In Confidential Mission, players will control Jean or Howard to participate in the mission to destroy Agares organization. Meanwhile, the game provides a crosshair to use and moves around the screen to fight terrorists. The goal is to destroy all enemies that appear on the screen and are not allowed to attack hostages. Besides, the battle mission will take place with many separate levels. In the end of each will have a battle with the boss. Defeating bosses, players will discover new battle challenges.

Finally, Confidential Mission has a stable image quality. Details of the characters and the context are simple but intuitive.

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