[Sega Dreamcast] Crazy Taxi 2

Crazy Taxi 2
Full nameCrazy Taxi 2
File size135.4MB
Genre Racing
Region USA USA
Console Sega Dreamcast (Download Emulator)

Crazy Taxi 2 is the second version of the Crazy Taxi series which was developed by Hitmaker. Sega published the game for Dreamcast in 2001 with three different regions. North America, May 28, 2001. Japan, May 31, 2001. Europe, July 6, 2001. Specially, this game has a separate version to serve the PlayStation Portable platform. With the PSP, the game was available in 2007 with a new name Crazy Taxi: Fare Wars. Besides, this game is also the last version of the Crazy Taxi series that can use on Sega Dreamcast platform.

Compared to its previous, the driving challenge will have some feature upgrades to get more exciting experiences. Firstly, the new version allows players to transport multiple passengers at the same time. Instead of carrying a passenger like the old version, players can transport a group to many different locations. Besides, the symbols system to mark customers has also been changed, each dollar symbol will be displayed with its own colors. The symbol is green, which means that players will have to travel a long way and get many bonuses when completing missions. For the yellow symbol, you will have to travel with the average distance and bonuses at normal levels.

Finally, passengers with a red-color symbol will represent a short and simple travel distance but receive little bonuses. The second change is that the manufacturer will provide some special moves to reach the required location more quickly. It makes their customers feel interested in the process of moving and giving the extra bonuses. These two methods are Crazy Dash and Crazy Hop. Like its previous, this version has still a limited time system during the mission. Passenger transport in groups and individuals is limited in time. Therefore, players have to skillfully use the special moves that are provided to quickly to bring customers to the right position. In case the task is not completed within the required time, the customer will leave, and you will not receive a bonus.

Besides, Crazy Taxi 2 has a beautiful 3D visual system as the previous version. However, the image details have a smoother design.

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