[Sega Dreamcast] Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX

Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX
Full nameDave Mirra Freestyle BMX
File size355.2MB
Region Europe Europe
Console Sega Dreamcast (Download Emulator)

BMX (bicycle motocross) is an adventure sport but it has many exciting emotions. From fascinating sport and famous athlete, David Michael Mirra (who won many gold medals from the X Games BMX Freestyle). Z-Axis has developed an BMX bike riding game. This game was available by Acclaim Max Sports on many platforms. It is Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX. The first platform was the PlayStation, on September 26, 2000. The next was Game Boy Color, November 10, 2000, Neon Studios founded. Sega Dreamcast, on November 20, 2000. Microsoft Windows, on December 14, 2000.

With the extreme elements, the content of the game is to overcome unique races in complex terrains and competitors to win. Besides completing the races, the players have to collect support items to upgrade BMX racing equipment.

Basically, there are all three single player modes. In particular, the Dreamcast’s version also prepares an attractive two-person mode to relax with friends or family. In which, the main challenges will take place in Proquest Mode. In this mode, players will choose a career athlete to use from the provided characters. Then, the players participate in races with a limited time, two minutes. Each will bring different challenges, and you have to have reasonable control manipulation to complete. Besides, each completed task will help you get a new bike and outfit to use. Coming to Freeride, gamers will discover the challenges of Proquest Mode randomly. This means that players will redo the challenges that have been completed before. They will help players practice control operations and faster reflexes to perform tricks quickly.

The next mode is Session, which has content similar to Proquest Mode. However, each will not issue seperate requirements. Instead, players have to perform many skill moves or acrobatics beautifully, accurately to receive bonus points from the judges. Therefore, the main task in this mode is to achieve high scores. Finally, the two-players challenge has 10 unique missions to compete with each other. For example, Furthest Jump, whoever performs the furthest jump technique will win. Or Best Run, you will participate in a race with two minutes of competition. The player who performs more tricks and accumulates higher scores will win.

Despite compelling content, the image quality on Dreamcast is not appreciated. The image details are simple and easy to see. In addition, Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX has problems with frame rates. It works unstable and difficult for players to control.

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