[Sega Dreamcast] Deep Fighter

Deep Fighter
Full nameDeep Fighter - Disc #1
File size425.3MB
Region Europe Europe
Console Sega Dreamcast (Download Emulator)

The first-person shooter challenge is a familiar topic to many people. However, this theme has to in compelling contexts or environments to make more interesting. Therefore, Criterion Games came up with an idea about the shooting challenge. Instead of fighting on the ground or in the air like many other games, they have built an interesting war below the surface to enjoy. In Deep Fighter, players can use submarines to fight enemies, and the environment under the water will bring fascinating landscapes to see. After completing the design, this game was available by Ubisoft for two platforms, Microsoft Windows and Sega Dreamcast in 2000.

The content is a battle between two races. In which, a race shaped like humans but they possessed a small appearance. It meaned that many other marine creatures would be easy to destroy them. Therefore, they tried to build a strong and large ship to transport their race to a safer place, this ship was Leviathan. Besides building, this intelligent race also faces another dangerous enemy, the Shadowkin race.

In Deep Fighter, the players will become a guardian to prevent attacks from Shadowkin. The combat missions will take place with a first view, and each will have a unique challenge. For example, players will participate in missions such as attacking enemies, defending bases, rescuing people in distress or collecting a certain item. In addition, completing the required missions will allow players to unlock new weapons systems and upgrade their submarines. Besides completing quests, the game also brings some fierce battles with the bosses. There are eight bosses to defeat, each will be in a different area. The players have to have smart control to defeat them.

With 3D graphics, this game will bring a beautiful underwater environment. The image system has lots of smooth details. Besides, the colors are well coordinated with the context, making it easy to observe around.

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