[Sega Dreamcast] Disney's Dinosaur

Disney's Dinosaur
Full nameDisney's Dinosaur
File size853.9MB
Region Europe Europe
Console Sega Dreamcast (Download Emulator)

Disney’s Dinosaur is an adventure game that was based on the Disney movie of Disney’s. The game was released by Ubisoft in 2000. Besides, the unique feature is that many different manufacturers developed it. In which, Digital Eclipse is the developer of the Game Boy Color version. Sandbox Studios designed the game to fit it with the PlayStation. Ubi Soft Paris is available for two platforms. They are Sega Dreamcast and Microsoft Windows. Finally. Ubi Soft Montreal developed this game for PlayStation 2.

Similar to the movie, Disney’s Dinosaur tells about finding new lands and overcoming challenges along the way. Besides, players have to control multiple characters at the same time and use their special abilities to overcome obstacles. About the character system, the game still offers many different characters, and players will meet new characters in each stage separately. With the adventure elements, each stage will take place with different contexts and environments. There are 12 stages to explore. At each stage, the game will provide separate tasks to conquer. The missions are varied, and players have to have quick thinking to complete. For example, players receive request to help characters cross an area of ​​complex terrain. Meanwhile, you will have to control each character to explore that area. And then you find out how their abilities will be used to safely move through these dangerous areas.

Besides, the game also provides some simple combat missions with many different enemies. The enemies that appear in the game are Carnotaurus, Albertosaurus, Velociraptor, Spinosaurus, Oviraptor, and Dryptosaurus. In addition, each character has a different vitality system, and the players have to ensure that it is not reduced. When a character is killed, the players will be difficult to complete the task or challenge will be stopped, players will have to play again. Decreased vitality will occur during fights with enemies or players move characters to dangerous areas and collide with traps.

In Disney’s Dinosaur, the players will control the characters with a view from above. They can move in many different directions. As for the visual system, the game receives review as normal, image details such as environment or characters are designed to be easy to see.

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