[Sega Dreamcast] Ducati World Racing Challenge

Ducati World Racing Challenge
Full nameDucati World Racing Challenge
File size551.3MB
Region USA USA
Console Sega Dreamcast (Download Emulator)

Ducati World Racing Challenge is a unique racing game which was developed by Attention to Detail Limited. The game was available on multiple platforms and was first published in 2001. If you’re a fan of sports and speed, this game will be the best choice.

In the Dreamcast version, Ducati World Racing Challenge offers 3 modes to experience as fast match, tournament and practice. Before starting the professional tournament, players have to practice to understand how to control the vehicle in a short time. They will learn how to balance, turn right, turn left when going to dangerous roads. After mastering the control, players will come to the fast track to gain more experience. Here, they will choose the time, weather and the number of players to join. Tournament mode gives players many interesting rewards. They receive $10,000 before starting the tournament to equip racing cars and protective equipment. The game will unlock the first of the 40 racing cars to control.

When 4 riders are ready, the first race begins. The speed will display on the right of the screen to help players control it. By training experience, they will speed up a reasonable way to overcome the remaining 3 opponents. However, this will cause danger to the players. They may lose control of vehicles and cause accidents. This will increase the playing time and cause the driver to lose. They undergo 3 Lap to find the fastest person. The winner will go to the next round. The winner’s prize in each race is a bonus. They use it to unlock many racing cars with high movement speed and stability. Besides, players will upgrade equipment inside the car such as a gearbox, exhaust pipe, brakes, wheels, tires, and clutches. A full-upgraded car will help players win easily. After many rounds, the tournament will select four riders with the best performance to enter the final round. The prize is money and many valuable items, the riders will try their best to get the best results and become the champion.

Regarding graphics, Ducati World Racing Challenge uses beautiful graphics. Players will feel clear about the graphics through the third perspective and the first perspective. The vividness and authenticity track at a fast pace will bring an interesting feeling to the players.

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