[Sega Dreamcast] Dynamite Cop

Dynamite Cop
Full nameDynamite Cop
File size245.9MB
Genre Action , Beat Em Up
Region USA USA
Console Sega Dreamcast (Download Emulator)

Dynamite Cop is a unique action game that was available by Sega in 1998. The game is popular on multiple platforms and supports the Dreamcast platform in 1999.


Regarding the plot, Dynamite Cop tells about the events of the Bruno Delinger family. Two brothers Jean Ivy and Eddie Brown went on a sea journey with their organization. However, their journey was in trouble when the pirates blocked the way. After being failed in a sea battle, all members were imprisoned on a deserted island. To avoid being destroyed, Jean and Eddie have to defeat many enemies and avoid the pitfalls from them.


Basically, the players will accompany the two main characters to escape from the desert island. The first phase takes place in the room of the boat. The enemy that they face, is a ferocious pirate group. They constantly grab objects on board to attack the players. With the skills of a warrior, they will attack with their hands and feet on the opponent. The enemy will die when the life force is exhausted.

The battle requires combat skills from the players. If an enemy destroys players, they will redo the beginning of the stage. The next phase is at the base which is located on the island. Here, the players are lucky to find the key to open his cell. They will use the elevator to move to many rooms and rescue the remaining teammates. Weapons and traps can make reduce their physical strength dramatically. They explore all the rooms to find defensive equipment before heading to the center of the base.

The biggest difficulty is the increasing number of enemies. The ingenuity and the help from teammates will ensure safety for players to save time. After many difficulties, players will battle the pirate leader to unlock the mysterious room. The mission completes when all the soldiers on the ship are released, and they return to their lands safely.

Regarding graphics, Dynamite Cop creates attractiveness to players through beautiful and realistic graphics. The locations on the stage have different points of decoration. Enemies bring new challenges for players to experience. The game has a unique story, realistic images, and vivid sound. AM1 developers have brought players the top battle through the perspective of Jean and Eddie.

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