[Sega Dreamcast] ECW Anarchy Rulz

ECW Anarchy Rulz
Full nameECW Anarchy Rulz
File size392.2MB
Genre Fighting
Region USA USA
Console Sega Dreamcast (Download Emulator)

ECW Anarchy Rulz is a sports game which based on the Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) event in the American countries. The game was released by the developer Acclaim Entertainment in 2000. ECW Anarchy Rulz quickly received positive reviews from critics and gamers on PlayStation and Dreamcast.

The game content

ECW Anarchy Rulz offers single-player and multiplayer modes on the Dreamcast platform. Besides the official tournament, the single-player mode consists of many small modes like Belt Tour, Bio and Stables. Players will select their favorite wrestler in the list. They will participate in many small modes before coming to ECW tournament. In these modes, players can practice to attack, parry and move on the ring properly. They will help you a lot when you join the professional tournament. After a period of practice, the player-controlled wrestler will accompany many others famous to win the ECW tournament. As a rule, two wrestlers are put on the available stage such as House Stadium, Brick Stadium, Elks Stadium, ECW Stadium and Backlot. Each contains beautiful pre-programmed effects. When the signal from the referee comes out, two wrestlers start the match. 10 minutes is the official time for each match. Players have to knock down the enemy by attacking repeatedly with their feet or hands. They will observe their stamina and the remaining wrestler through the notice on the screen. However, if wrestler’s attacks violate the rules or exceed the allowed time, he may be disqualified from the tournament and starts the match again. The winner is the person who kills the enemy before the referee makes a decision to run out of time. Winning wrestlers receive cheers from the audience and come to the next round. The matches last until the organizers find the two best players. They will join in the final to end the tournament. With their experience, players will defeat the opponent and become the ECW tournament champion. Besides single-player mode, two-player mode offers free battles between players. There are no tasks which are assigned in this mode.

The visual

Regarding graphics, ECW Anarchy Rulz uses beautiful graphics. The space of the matches is sharp with unique lighting effects. Besides, the sound from the supporters also brings a exciting feeling for players. If you are a player who loves fighting games, ECW Anarchy Rulz is the best choice for you.

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