[Sega Dreamcast] ECW Hardcore Revolution

ECW Hardcore Revolution
Full nameECW Hardcore Revolution
File size309.7MB
Genre Sports
Region USA USA
Console Sega Dreamcast (Download Emulator)

ECW Hardcore Revolution is an exciting sports game which was available by Acclaim Entertainment. The game first appeared on the Nintendo 64 platform in 2000 and later became popular on PlayStation, Dreamcast, Game Boy Color in many countries around the world. The concept is taken from the annual professional wrestling tournament, Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW).

Game mode

On the Dreamcast platform, the game offers many game modes such as VS, Lumberjack, VS *, 1vs3, 1vs4, Battle Royal and tournaments with up to two players at once. In VS mode, the player controls a wrestler to fight the opponent on the optional arena. Lumberjack mode provides infinite physical strength for each wrestler. The player’s task is to defeat his opponent within the allowed time. In addition, 1vs3 and 1vs4 modes bring new challenges as they face many wrestlers. By experience in free-form match-ups, players will enter the wrestling tournament with many others.

The difference between ECW Hardcore Revolution and others is that in each match has a commentator Joey Styles. Participating athletes divide into several tables to choose the best player. Each match takes 10 minutes with 3 innings. When a signal starts the match from the umpire, the two wrestlers will fight on the floor. They attack with their hands or feet to reduce their opponent’s stamina. The winner is the one who kills the remaining wrestler within the allotted time. Winning 2 out of 3 rounds will help players move forward to the next rounds. The difficulty level will increase in the next rounds. All violate decisions of the wrestlers belong to the umpire. Wrestlers should pay attention to avoid violating the requirements.

If the players commit a violation, they may lose a match or lose their right to participate in the next round. After passing many rounds, the two best wrestlers will join in the final round. The winner will receive the prestigious cup and prize money in the game. In addition to the tournament mode, players will show their skills through the multiplayer mode. You can choose the stage and time to play before starting. There are no missions or challenges in this match.


Regarding graphics, ECW Hardcore Revolution gives many new and exciting experiences with beautiful 3D graphics. The images of wrestlers, spectators, referees create a familiar feeling for players. Besides, the sound also stimulates them to win.

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