[Sega Dreamcast] ESPN International Track Field

ESPN International Track Field
Full nameESPN International Track Field
File size148.1MB
Genre Sports
Region USA USA
Console Sega Dreamcast (Download Emulator)

If you are passionate about professional sports games, ESPN International Track Field is the best choice for you. It was released by Konami on the PlayStation, Dreamcast platforms.

The game content

The difference between this game and other sports games is the game mode. ESPN International Track Field offers more diverse game modes. Players can choose such as the 100-meter freestyle sports, long-distance jumping, pole-jumping, javelin throwing, 100-meter swimming, weight lifting, shooting, and aerobics. Each mode brings gamers unique challenges. Like the tournaments, the 100-meter freestyle sport is a competition for four athletes. Players will control their players to run the right way to finish as fast as possible. They will receive a score corresponding to the rank which they can achieve. Next, the next 3 sports – long jump, pole jump, and javelin throwing are at the same place. In this competition, the most important factor is the force index on the tool such as darts or pole. They will get a lot of points if they pass the available goal milestones. The players have three rounds to sum up the accumulated points. Lifting weights is the most difficult game in sports. Besides balancing on the ring, players will show their physical strength by conquering the weights. Besides, aerobics and swimming 100 meters mainly require the focus and flexibility of athletes. Their score depends on the time which it takes to complete their section. In the end, the game takes the most time but it brings real to the player as a shooting sport. Players have 30 shotgun bullets to shoot targets flying in the sky. For each defeated target, the players will receive a point. After players have completed this mode, the referee will announce the total number of points that they will receive. Winners will receive bonuses and many in-game items.


The appeal of the game comes from not only diverse gameplay but also colorful images. Players can experience many venues corresponding to each game mode. Beautiful visuals, vivid sounds, and diverse game modes have brought great success to the game.

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