[Sega Dreamcast] Evil Dead Hail To The King

Evil Dead Hail To The King
Full nameEvil Dead Hail To The King
File size940.3MB
Genre Action , Adventure
Region France France
Console Sega Dreamcast (Download Emulator)

Evil Dead: Hail to the King is a unique action adventure game which was developed by Heavy Iron Studios. The game was available on multiple versions such as PlayStation, Dreamcast, Microsoft Windows and was first released in 2000.


In terms of story, Evil Dead: Hail to the King tells about the journey of Ashley Ash Williams, an excellent warrior. He faced past nightmares about the war with the evil lord. In order to rescue Ash from these incidents, Jenny, Ash’s best friend, took him back to the old land to meet Professor Knowby. However, an incident happened when Ash went to this land. Bad Ash monster had been revived by the powerful witch power and kidnapped many people. Ash’s mission is to defeat all enemies to rescue the captives.


Basically, the players will act as the main character, Ash. Jenny takes him to the old city, and they are separated when they arrive. Ash has to discover many secrets within the city alone. He infiltrated the mysterious houses to search for clues enemies. The ax and the torch are the weapons that he uses to fight the ghosts in the house. They left a map fragment, bonuses, and physical regeneration items after being defeated. Ash escapes the house and heads to the nearby forest to search for the enemy’s hideout. There, he encounters many of Ash’s pitfalls with the evil army.

Ash has to quickly destroy them before dawn to ensure that their leader does not run away. If Ash is killed in battle, he will have to return to the forest and restart the quest. The final goal that Ash performs is to fight Bad Ash. Bad Ash appears as a monster and is protected by demon bats. With collected weapons and items, he will fight the enemy to rescue the people in the basement. The task becomes simpler when Jenny appears to assist Ash. The game ends when Bad Ash is destroyed, and Ash escapes obsession.


In terms of graphics, the tasks in the game become more dangerous when using dark colors primarily. Diverse monsters create attractions with players. With the success of the image and sound, players can enjoy the dramatic action movie from the perspective of Ash.

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