[Sega Dreamcast] Evolution The World Of Sacred Device

Evolution The World Of Sacred Device
Full nameEvolution The World Of Sacred Device
File size389.0MB
Region Europe Europe
Console Sega Dreamcast (Download Emulator)

Evolution: The World of Sacred Device is a role-playing and turn-based fighting game which was designed by Sting. Next, the game was available on two platforms: Neo Geo Pocket Color (with a new name Evolution: The World of Sacred Device) and Sega Dreamcast. In which, the Dreamcast’s version was released in 1999, while Neo Geo Pocket Color was in 2000. In addition, this game was also provided by two different publishers. With Ubisoft, they offer to Europe and North America. Entertainment Software Publishing (ESP) will provide exclusively for the Japanese.

The main character of the game is Mag Launcher, a treasure hunter like his father. Besides, his close friend is Linear Cannon, they went to many different ruins to collect valuable artifacts. After a day and returning home, they received a notice that Prince Eugene wanted to talk to them. Therefore, they went to the Prince’s castle. Here, Eugene mentioned an ancient device Evolutia, and Mag’s father was said to have found it. However, Mag had no information on which the Prince was looking for. Disappointed about Mag, Prince allowed them to leave. However, one day, Prince’s soldiers attacked his house and took Linear. To rescue her, Mag followed a soldier group to reach the battleship of Eugene. Here, Eugene thought that Linear was the Evolutia that his father had found and used her as a warrior’s weapon. Ignoring the Prince’s words, Mag decided to save his friend. When creating the chaos, Mag rescued Linear and escaped. They went to a lifeboat but Mag was attacked by Eugene from behind. That made him seriously injured. At that time, Linear revived Mag and revealed the fact that she was an Evolutia. After that, Linear took Mag from the battleship.

In this game, players control Mag and build his team to overcome the challenges. Like many other role-playing games, players will participate in the required missions (conquering dungeons) to collect rewards and experience points to level up. Besides, this game also provides a reward system, Skill Points, and it will be used in the upgrading process the fighting skills for the character.

About the graphics system, Evolution: The World of Sacred Device uses 3D graphics, and the design is a lovely style. The game possesses a good quality picture resolution, the scenes are beautiful and diverse.

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