[Sega Dreamcast] F1 World Grand Prix

F1 World Grand Prix
Full nameF1 World Grand Prix
File size429.8MB
Region Europe Europe
Console Sega Dreamcast (Download Emulator)

F1 World Grand Prix is ​​an addictive sports game that was based on the Formula One tournament. Three producers, Lankhor, Video System, and Paradigm Entertainment developed the game. Besides, the first version was provided for Nintendo 64 in 1998. By 1999, another version was also released for Sega Dreamcast. Moreover, the game was available for many other platforms such as PlayStation on November 30, 1999, Game Boy Color on October 1, 2000, and Microsoft Windows on July 1, 2000.

Besides developing on many different platforms, each version also simulates the attractive tournaments of Formula One. Firstly, the version of Nintendo 64 was built according to the 1997 FIA Formula One World Championship. The version for Game Boy Color and Dreamcast simulated the 1998 Formula One World Championship. Finally, the versions of Microsoft Windows and PlayStation are based on the 1999 Formula One World Championship. Due to based on the famous and real-world tournament, F1 World Grand Prix will bring the racing teams and strict rules that players have to follow. In the game, players will discover 11 different racing teams and 16 complex tracks to conquer. Besides competing with dangerous competitors, the players also participate in the custom process and upgrade racing cars.

Regarding game modes, F1 World Grand Prix has five modes, including  Grand Prix (built from 1998 Formula One World Championship), Challenge, Exhibition, Time Trial and VS Mode. In which, the Grand Prix is ​​the most attractive mode, it will bring the tournament in 1998 to explore. You have to pass many different races to win. In this part, players can choose a racing team to represent and participate in the competition. After that, you will have to go through many races, and each will take place at a different racetrack. The objective is to complete the lap in the shortest time and avoid causing collisions on the track.

In the Challenge, the gamers will participate in the races with certain goals. They are more complex than others, and it requires to have good concentration. Besides, players can only discover new challenges after successfully completing the tasks that have been requested before. Unlike Grand Prix, Exhibition does not bring many races with a certain sequence. It allows players to participate in random races to relax. Next, Time Trial is a familiar challenge for those who enjoy driving games. It requires players to complete the race with limited time. In addition to matches with the CPU, this game also provides a game between two players, VS Mode. Experience VS Mode, they will compete directly on a split-screen.

The image quality of the F1 World Grand Prix is at an acceptable level. The image details are not really sharp, and some are still difficult to see.

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